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These Whole30 Chicken Nuggets Are Kid- and Adult-Approved


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Photo: Michelle Smith

the whole smiths good food cookbook
Photo: Michelle Smith

The Whole30-approved chicken nuggets in Michelle Smith’s new cookbook, The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook, are a long way from the processed, dinosaur shaped ones you might be used to seeing at the grocery store.

“I wanted to create a chicken ‘nugget’ that I could feel good about giving my kids,” says Smith. “But it needed to be tasty enough that any adult with a more refined palate would love it just the same.” Mission, accomplished.

Dipped in a grain-free batter (made from almond and tapioca flour) and fried in coconut oil, these nuggets are “so dang tasty, you may not want to share,” says Smith. Pro cooking tip: To keep the crust from sticking to the pan, Smith says to make sure it’s golden and crispy before flipping it.

Ready to try them for yourself? Scroll down for the recipe!GRAIN-FREE POPCORN CHICKEN – – boneless, skin-on chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch pieces, salt, plus more for sprinkling, almond flour, tapioca flour, smoked paprika, large eggs, beaten, coconut oil, Season the chicken with one-and-a-half teaspoons salt and set aside. ; In a large bowl, combine the almond flour, tapioca flour, remaining one teaspoon salt, and the paprika. Pour the beaten eggs into a shallow bowl.; Dip the chicken in the egg, letting the excess drip off, then roll in the flour mixture to coat. Set aside.; In a large skillet or Dutch oven over medium heat, melt the coconut oil. ; Working in batches, fry the chicken until the crust is a light golden brown and the meat is cooked through, two minutes per side. Once cooked, place the chicken onto a paper towel–lined plate and sprinkle lightly with additional salt.; Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.; – <p style="font-weight: 400;"><em>Excerpted from </em>The Wholesmiths Good Food Cookbook<em> © 2018 by Michelle Smith. Photography by Michelle Smith. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.</em></p>
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