This Low-Sugar Milkshake Recipe Packs Two Cups of Vegetables, but You’d Never Know

Photo: Flora & Vino
When you think of milkshakes, you probably picture a creamy dessert with a cherry on top. You just know it's loaded with sugar—both natural and added—to the brim. But you don't actually need all that sweet stuff to make a delicious and healthy milkshake. You can create an equally mouth-watering final product with vegetables instead of fruit and dairy.

Sneaking veggies into smoothies is nothing new, but Lauren Kirchmaier, the recipe developer behind Flora & Vino, recently shared her new favorite treat—a fruit-free milkshake that contain two cups of vegetables as well as healthy fats and protein. Whether you're trying to live that low-sugar life or simply aren't a fan of fruit, there's no healthier way to enjoy dessert.

To make a healthy milkshake, Kirchmaier begins with a base of unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, nut butter or peanut powder, and a two cup mix of cauliflower, broccoli stems, green zucchini, and sweet potato. The result is something more savory than sweet. "The taste is slightly sweet from the incorporation of root veggies—mainly the sweet potato. It's like a healthier Frosty," she tells me. After blending the base, you can add flavor with vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate chips.

In minutes, you'll be sipping on a decadent yet healthy milkshake that's so good you'll forget it's even made from vegetables in the first place. And what's better than meeting your daily guidelines through dessert?

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