22 Mocktail Recipes That Prove Booze Is Irrelevant

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A typical Friday night might include a little laugher, some great conversation, and a big pitcher of margaritas. Sounds perfect. By morning, though, you might be wishing you hadn't sipped on something so strong. Ditching alcohol doesn't mean skipping out on the rest of the fun, but you'll need a few mocktail recipes to keep the party going.

Mocktails don't have to be boring or short on flavor. They're easy and inexpensive to make, and most offer some health benefits to boot. We've gathered more than a few party-perfect recipes that won't cause a hangover.

Keep it classy with these mocktail recipes.

Berry cocktail
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1. Red splash mocktail

This drink features basically all of your favorite fruits: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and cranberries. Together, they create a sweet mix everyone at your gathering will enjoy.

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2. Cucumber melon spritzer

No matter the time of year, a mix of cucumber, watermelon, and LaCroix is always refreshing.

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3. Sunrise grapefruit mocktail

Tart grapefruit gets a sweet twist from the splash of grenadine in this bubbly concoction.

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4. Frosted lime spritzer

This beverage requires nothing more than lime, lemon-lime soda, a little salt, and a thyme sprig for garnish.

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5. Spicy jalapeño margarita mocktail

Like your ice-cold drinks with a little heat? Jalapeños spice up these citrusy margaritas.

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6. Watermelon mojito mocktail

Ready for a drink that will meet all your hydration needs? Try the complexity of a fizzy watermelon mojito.

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7. Pomegranate lime basil mocktail

Several ingredients combine to create this colorful treat—sweet pomegranate juice with honey, lime, and a hint of basil.

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8. Elderberry pear fizz mocktail

There's something luxe about elderberry, especially when paired with blackberries, pear, and rosemary garnish.

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9. Grilled pineapple and lime mocktail 

You know what a little fire can do to enrich the sweetness of a pineapple, but imagine it on ice with lime juice, sparkling orange juice, and honey.

Cucumber mocktail
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10. Castaway mocktail

With a combo of green apple, cucumber, and lemon juice, you're certainly getting a dose of your daily greens with this mix.

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11. Ginger grapefruit spritzer

Get ready for everyone to ask you what you’re drinking—and if you’ll mix one up for them, too. Not all grapefruit mocktail recipes are created equal and this one makes for a light drink that’s perfect to sip between appetizers.

Photo: Jessica Gavin

12. Blood orange mocktail with turmeric

The bold flavor of blood orange is the star here, but you'll also get some anti-inflammatory benefits from turmeric.

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13. Peach shrub mocktail

Peaches make for the perfect healthy snack and the perfect addition to your mocktail. The fruit brings on all the cozy vibes when mixed with apple cider, sage leaves, and nutmeg.

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14. Spiced kombucha Moscow mule

Looking to upgrade your kombucha game? This dry take on a Moscow mule includes fresh-pressed ginger juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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15. Tropical sunrise mocktail

This cocktail gets a healthy refresh with tangerine, pear, blueberries, and fresh mint.

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16. Cucumber ginger mocktail

Served up and brimming with cucumber and fresh ginger, this super chic mocktail looks like something you'd find at an upscale spa.

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

17. Rose lemon spritzer

Almost too pretty to drink, but with a combination of rose water, pomegranate juice, and agave, you'll want more than just one.

Photo: Cook with Manali

18. Apple cider sangria mocktail

This refreshing take on sangria makes the most of apples and pears. All you need to do is pop it in the fridge for an hour or so to really let the flavors mingle.

Photo: Pure Ella

19. Cranberry mojito mocktail

Tastes great, super easy to mix, and pretty enough for Instagram. Enough said.

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20. Creamy avocado mojito mocktail

This vegan mojito gets its creaminess from avocados and coconut milk. A splash of lime juice, pineapple, and maple syrup for sweetness ensures no one will be able to resist.

Photo: Beauty Food Blog

21. Bloody mary mocktail

Whether you sip on these bloody mary mocktails the night of or the morning after, they're sure to please with fresh tomatoes, vegan Worcestershire, and probiotics from fermented water kefir.

Photo: La Fuji Mama

22. Blackberry vanilla mocktail

It's a simple drink that balances tart blackberries with the sweetness of honey, a touch of vanilla, and lemon.

Be sure to save room for dessert. And why don't you slip into something more comfortable?

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