Why the Ancient Tradition of Drinking Rose Water Is the Newest Thing in Beauty

Credited with better digestion and glowing skin, it's popping up in everything from juices to infusions.
Rose water is having a moment—but not in the way you may be used to.

For years, it has been used as a beauty enhancer. And we mean years: Rose water's usage can be traced back as early as Mesopotamia, where it was used to treat headaches, nausea, and indigestion. Since then, everyone from Cleopatra to Michelangelo (who is rumored to have added a bit of it to his daily cup of tea) has sought a rosy glow. In more modern times, you've probably used a version of rose water in a toner, facial oil, or body lotion, and rightly so: The list of benefits goes on and on, from treating redness, acne, and sunburns, to hydrating dry, sensitive, and aging skin.

But put down the spritz bottle and cotton ball, because major beverage brands have gotten a taste of this very drinkable beauty product—and they want in. Whether it's your favorite green juice providers or companies whose sole focus is producing the rose-infused water, you can now get your hydration on with some holistic benefits.

So what exactly makes this super-charged water so powerful? "Dating back to the 16th century, rose water has been thought to provide stress relief and support digestive functions, and we wanted to introduce these health benefits and this unique flavor to our customers,” says Juice Press founder and CEO Marcus Antebi, who included rose (alongside the likes of ginger and aloe) as part of a limited edition release.

And the body boosting elements are pretty attractive, too: “Rose water is a byproduct of the rose essential oil distillation, so there maintains some of the powerful properties of the rose oil, as well as the potent aromatic compounds, natural acids and sugars that have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, hydrating, and great antioxidant properties,” explains New York-based celebrity facialist and aesthetician Tracie Martyn.

On top of that, rose water is said to reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety, enhance your mood, soothe digestion, and purify the body thanks to the flavonoids, tannins, and other essential vitamins it contains. (Say that five times fast!)

But arguably best of all is the fact that these rose water beverages make it so easy to add the floral tonic to your daily routine. If you can reach for a cup of water, you can make it rose water.

Originally posted March 13, 2016. Updated July 7, 2017.

Here are 4 ways to add rose water into your drinkable beauty routine.


Photo: H2Rose

Drink H2 Rose, $46 for 12

Established in LA last year, Drink H2 Rose is all about the flower; in fact, rose water's all they make. The brand's combined all-natural flavors to create berry-, apple-, peach-, and mango-flavored rose water, in case you're not a huge fan of the floral-y taste. Added bonus? Each bottle is also infused with saffron, which is said to ease digestion, enhance your mood, and reduce compulsive desires to eat. Think of rose and saffron in a bottle as a serious power couple.


Photo: Juice Press

Juice Press Water + Rose, $3

Even the popular New York City juice spot is all about the rose water. The new line of functional waters, from Juice Press, takes hydration to the next level; in addition to vitamin C- and ginger-flavored water, you can also grab a flower-accented bottle.


Photo: Sakara

Sakara Beauty Water, $24 for 4

Designed to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, Sakara Beauty Water is a rose-infused water that boasts 100 percent natural rose oil and beautifying trace minerals like Silica, which is known to help your body form healthy connective tissue. So while it's hydrating your skin from the inside out, it's also plumping it up for a healthy and gorgeous glow.


cilk-rose-waterCilk Rose Presse Extract, $59.95 AUD (yields about 40-50 drinks)

Cilk's chic bottle of rose extract is a pure rose supplement that allows you to make your own rose water any time you like. Just add a few drops to turn plain water into a lightly flavored—but heavily beneficial—treat. And why stop at water? The easily transformed rose essence can be added to smoothies, juices, and even champagne to reap the beauty benefits. We can all raise a glass to that.

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