9 Breath-Freshening Natural Chewing Gums That Are Chemical-Free

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If there's anything wearing a mask throughout the pandemic has taught us, it's that—for a lot of us, anyway—our breath stinks. While we may have been able to get away with stinky dragon breath for a while, mask mandates are subsiding. And people are preparing—chewing gum sales literally bounced back late spring as the country re-opened, exposing our faces and mouths to the public for the first time since last year.

According to data from NielsenIQ shared by Bloomberg, gum sales from May 2021 increased more than 23 percent from where it was almost a year ago. After months of basking in our own stank, consumers are gearing up for the re-opening, taking extra measures to ensure their mouths are minty fresh.

If you're eager for better breath, consider buying a pack of natural chewing gum. Until recently, most traditional chewing gums have been made with suspect ingredients and chemicals that aren't great for our bodies, such as aspartame.

Instead, chew on some tasty, breath-freshening natural chewing gum. Brands like Simply, Pur, and Quip all offer organic, chemical-free alternatives that will leave your mouth sparkling clean.

9 natural chewing gum that'll leave you with minty fresh breath

Simply Gum Variety Pack — $15.00

Why settle for mint when you can chew a variety of tasty flavors, like cinnamon, ginger, and, fennel? Simply Gum contains all organic ingredients like raw sugar, tree sap, and rice flour. Their gum is all non-GMO, chemical- and plastic-free, not to mention vegan and biodegradable.

Quip Gum + Dispenser — $15.00

You know Quip for their amazing electric toothbrushes, but did you know they also make a natural chewing gum? Each pack comes with 90 pieces of sugar-free xylitol gum that freshens breath and prevents cavities. Plus, it comes in a sleek refillable dispenser that’s easy to carry around and share with friends.

Mighty Gum Immunity — $16.00

Mighty Gum’s chewing candy contains a ton of natural, germ-fighting extracts, like ashwagandha, elderberry, and reishi mushroom.

Project 7 Spearmint Farms — $15.00

Load up on chemical-free chewing gum with a 12-pack of Project 7’s product on Amazon. These natural breath mints are all made with natural mint sourced from family farms around the Pacific Northwest. They’re aspartame-free, naturally sweet, and an overall good bet for fresh breath.

The Peelu Co. Chewing Gum — $14.00

The Peelu Co. makes gum using extract from peelu, the toothbrush tree, whose sticks provide natural toothbrush fibers where it grows in India. Like the others, it’s all natural with no chemicals in sight. Available in spearmint, peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon.

Run Gum — $26.00

If you didn’t have time to stop for your morning coffee, pop a caffeine-infused piece of gum instead. In addition to a xylitol base, this gum features taurine and B vitamins for a natural, long-lasting energy boost. Chew on a variety of delicious flavors like watermelon, tropical fruit, and classic bubblegum.

Pur Gum — $4.00

This gum is seriously so yummy that you’ll want it in every flavor. The brand makes a line of inclusive chewing gums that are natural and also vegan, gluten-free, and nut allergy-conscious. Go with a tried-and-true wintergreen or peppermint, or chew outside the box on pomegranate or tangerine.

Glee Gum — $16.00

Feel good while you chew on this all-natural eco-friendly gum. Made with sustainably sourced chicle, a tree sap harvested to conserve the rainforest, Glee is also sweetened with Fair Trade sugar syrup and packed in a recyclable pouch. If Mother Earth could chew gum, she’d definitely pick this.

The Humble Co. Natural Chewing Gum — $3.00

Throw a pack of this plant-based gum in your purse for fresh breath wherever you go. The Humble Co.’s gum features dentist-approved natural and chemical-free ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free. Choose from fresh mint or tropical fruit.

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