7 Bite-Sized Ways to Reach Your Healthy Eating Goals in 2018

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Some people look forward to brainstorming a set of resolutions for the coming year, while others simply enjoy the end-of-year opportunity to consider ways to build upon the progress they've made in the past 365 days. Either way—or if you've chosen another method for self-reflection—chances are, goals for the new year are on your mind right about now.

But if you're reevaluating your eating habits as part of your intention to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it can be difficult to pin down precisely where you want to make a change. Do you want to try a buzzy new diet, like keto? Just say no to processed foods? Or maybe you want to think more about when—rather than what—you're eating. I know, it's overwhelming.

To help you zero in on what makes the most sense for you,  here are specific ways you can turn that tenuous intention to "eat healthier" into an achievable goal for 2018.

Keep reading for 7 ways to make your healthy eating #goals a reality.

How to biohack coffee
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1. Use your morning coffee habit to biohack your metabolism

It's time you make your AM cup of joe a serious multi-tasker—enter Bulletproof coffee, a super-charged version of your morning pick-me-up beloved by celebrities and integrative physicians alike. "I’ve found that high-fat coffee provides a morning boost that keeps you in this fat-burning state while also providing heightened mental clarity," attests Parsely Health founder and Well+Good Council member Robin Berzin, MD. With its rep for sustaining all-day energy as a quick and filling breakfast swap, high-fat coffee is sure to be a busy girl's BFF for 2018.

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2. Get serious about your gut health

2017 was without a doubt the year that gut health went mainstream—you can even get kits for testing your microbiome delivered right to your doorstep. The most important takeaway? Throwing a probiotic into the mix isn't a cure-all for gut issues and the discomfort they cause (bloating, gas, and constipation—all that fun stuff). Consider this your cue to re-balance your gut bacteria and figure out what exactly is causing those GI issues.

Break the caffeine-wine cycle
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3. Break free from your caffeine-to-Cabernet cycle—for good

If your daily beverage lineup looks something like coffee, refill (or four), wine, repeat, the impending new year is the perfect time to commit to overhauling your drink habits. While a cup or two of coffee a day isn't bad for you consuming excessive caffeine throughout the day—followed by alcohol at night—can wreak havoc on everything from your sleep quality to anxiety levels.

moringa plant
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4. Give moringa a try

The super green certainly had a moment in 2017—but the craze is just getting started. Moringa's anti-inflammatory properties surpass turmeric's and it has twice the amount of protein and six times the iron found in kale—and it's making its way into juices, elixirs, teas, and more.

Cauliflower rice recipe Love and Lemons
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5. Sub in a sneaky serving of veggies

Once considered health-nut "hacks," cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, and other healthier takes on carb-y classics are now conveniently packaged in grocery store produce aisles. While you can certainly slice, dice, and spiralize your own, you can also save time by picking up these up, ready-made, on your next grocery run.

meatless monday
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6. Add a Meatless Monday to your schedule

Speaking of upping your veggie intake, it's now more compelling than ever to swap out red meat and poultry in favor of fish or plant-based proteins. A recent study—conducted over the span of 11 years—linked consumption of red meat and certain cuts of poultry with a substantially increased risk of developing diabetes. You don't have to go from meat-eater to vegan overnight, but challenging yourself to try one new plant-based meal per week (one of my personal intentions this year) is a great place to start.

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7. Make the move to cut out sugar

To simply say sugar is bad for you would be a bit of an understatement. The way our bodies react to it causes cyclical blood glucose spikes that can leave you feeling tired and grumpy AF, all day long. Its inflammatory properties mean it also wreaks havoc on you skin, and researchers have called it out as one of the biggest public (health) enemies Americans face today. But hey, it also tastes delicious, so it's understandable if you've been dragging your feet on nixing it once and for all (same, by the way). Regardless, now is the time to finally make the move.

If you're into setting resolutions every year, try doing so in a more mindful way to really make them stick. Speaking of mindfulness and intention, here's how to bring good vibes into your home this year—sans full-on renovations.

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