Are You Spending More Than the Average Workout Warrior in Your State on Wellness?

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A boutique studio class likely costs about $35, your new pair of leggings were probably another $100, and you may well spend $20 a month on sleep-enhancing magnesium supplements alone—is that normal? Excessive? Not enough? Supplement and fitness company Myprotein surveyed 1,350 Americans—which is, keep in mind, a tiny sample size for gleaning conclusive nationwide data—between the ages of 18 and 65 and found that the average person spends $155 a month, or $5.53 a day, on their health and fitness regimen. Added up, the total amounts to about $112,000 in a lifetime.

Residents in the Western states dish out almost $11,000 more during their lifetime than the average American on health- and fitness-related expenses, according to the survey.

The Western states (including the veritable wellness lover's paradises of California and Washington) make up the region that's most willing to spend on reaching health and fitness goals. Residents in this chunk of the country dish out almost $11,000 more during their lifetime than the average American, according to the survey.

Oregon, specifically, is a luxe dream when it comes to health and fitness—which isn't so shocking considering it's home to the second-most active city in the country. Myprotein reports that 26 percent of Oregonians spend more than $80 a month on gym clothes, and almost a quarter spent more than $100 on personal trainers and workout plans. Surprisingly, California—which has a reputation for being the most woo-woo and health-conscious land around—is actually pretty in line with the national average when it comes to its residents' per-month expenditure on health and wellness.

And despite all the boutique offerings in New York City, the survey found that 96 percent of those surveyed in the state had an old-school gym membership and spent the most per month on food plans (maybe Blue Apron?).

Speaking of healthy food, though Arizonians are super-eager to shell out extra (non-dairy) cheddar for vegan products, the Northeast is where people reportedly spend the most on specifically vegan products in their lifetime.

So though the survey's reach was limited and more research would need to ensue to confidently corroborate its figures and findings, depending on where you live, dropping $25 on a vegan yogurt might actually be the norm. What a world.

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