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Meet the Wellness Council, our amazing new expert contributors

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Photo: Jenna Cantagallo

Since the day we launched in 2010, we’ve been all about obsessive coverage of the wellness scene—through impeccable reporting, trend-spotting, and expert curation.

Today we’re sharing the news that some of the experts we’ve interviewed over the years will be joining us on a more regular basis, this time as contributors.

Introducing The Wellness Council, a handpicked collective of thought-leaders in the wellness space who’ll be writing about their work and their passions for Well+Good. You know, in between publishing their New York Times best-sellers.

Employing our trademark journalistic style to find the most insightful, authoritative voices out there, our editors picked this starter line-up. They’re amazingly accomplished, knowledgeable, have a cool point of view on this wellness boom we’re living in—and we also just love the way they think.

Meet your holistic health squad:

Supermodel and co-founder of wellness brand WelleCo Elle Macpherson, whose first article is coming up later this month.

• Self-help phenom and best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein, who wants to inspire you to take this one-minute gratitude break.

• Functional medicine pioneer Frank Lipman, MD, who opens up his case files to solve the mystery of the fit, 29-year-old lawyer with a strange set of health symptoms.

• World-renowned yogi Colleen Saidman Yee, who invites you into her bedroom for an early-morning (snuggly/lazy) yoga practice in bed.

• And celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author Kimberly Snyder, who explains the clean-eating paradox—and how to get the most out of your organic grocery basket.

Plus, what these experts write about next is up to you—tell us what what you’re dying to know! Send your questions and ideas to [email protected].

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