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You know this person (because I certainly know a few): They only drink the best cocktails, their at-home bar rivals your fave pro establishments, and they always know the next on-trend development in the spirits world. Gifting to these amateur-but-basically-pro cocktail lovers can be fun; you just need to get creative.

This holiday season, skip the obvious gifts (bottles are boring) and opt for something that will take their mixology setup to new levels. Think: a chic and sleek bar cart to store and display their tools, mood-boosting crystal coasters, and anything even remotely unicorn themed.

These are the gifts the mixologists in your life will love to use, display in their Zen dens, talk about, and, of course, ‘gram.

See the goodies for the bar lover in your life below.

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Uncommon Goods 3D Cocktail Chiller Set, $35

Liquor aficionados want their drinks cold but don’t want to deal with ice-cube dilution (I mean, #same). These geometric cocktail chillers fix that problem while adding some crystal-like chicness.


West Elm Lava Rock Coaster Set, $35

These coasters serve two purposes: They keep surfaces watermark free and are a conversation starter. (They’re made out of lava rock from eruptions in Bali.)


Anthropologie Slivered Geode coaster, $14

You don’t have to be a woo-woo wellness fanatic or a crystal-healing believer to get a mood boost from these geode coasters. They’re just plain fun.


Clean Cocktails Cookbook, $16

Clean eating and mixology aren’t the most obviously related things in the world, but this cookbook demystifies the art of creating clean cocktails. 


Moonglow Cocktail Shaker, $38

Cocktail lovers will tell you there’s a major difference between drinks that are merely mixed and those that are shaken. This tool will take libations—and your giftee’s home decor—to another level.


Seedlip Spice Non-Alcoholic Spirit, $41

The sober social scene is here to stay for the person in your life who chooses not to drink, so gift them something delicious that will keep them at the party but away from the booze. This non-alcoholic spirit is a choice choice.


Truly Spiked & Sparkling, $16

It can be difficult to stick to your health goals when the holidays involve a surplus of spiked eggnog. Truly Spiked & Sparkling’s no-prep required flavored drinks only have a single gram of sugars and are a nice aesthetic addition to a bar cart (see below). 


Target Rose Gold Bar Cart, $120

A bar cart is one of the most unexpected and useful gifts you can give. Sure, you can fill it up with spirits and liquors, but you could also potentially put your vinyl player on it. Or, use it for all of the above, to really bring the party.


Crate and Barrel Rabbit Wine Opener 3-piece Set, $45

People who care about wine tend to really care about wine. For that person, this bottle-opener set is perfect; and it’s so impressive, it’s actually won an award. Yeah, there are wine-opener awards.


Rosanna Iridescent Glass Carafe & Cup, $38

Everything is better through rainbow-tinted glass, and this carafe set brings some serious unicorn magic to any home.

Make healthier-for-you alcohol decisions this holiday season with a lower-sugar champagne and an apple cider vinegar kombucha cocktail

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