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The one makeup item that Alessandra Ambrosio keeps on-hand at all times

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Photo: Instagram/@alessandraambrosio

When you’re a mother of two, Victoria’s Secret model, and an actress, you’re running around *quite* a lot (sound familiar?). And, though you’d probably have makeup artists and hair stylists at your beck-and-call, there are still occasions when a back-of-cab touch-up is in order.

Alessandra Ambrosio—who’s the triple-threat I’m speaking about above—has her on-the-go beauty essentials down pat, considering she’s been a top model for well over a decade now. Good news to the rest of us looking for runway-approved tips: The Brazilian has revealed the one makeup item that she turns to for a quick touch-up.

alessandra ambrosio charlotte tilbury
Photo: Charlotte TIlbury

In a recent interview with The Strategist, Ambrosio raved about Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in the Moon Beach. “[This is] the perfect dewy blush for your skin,” she says. “I keep it as a touch-up stick, and it works as easily if you need to fix your face up while you’re actually on a trip to the beach or just the last step of your makeup routine when you’re about to go out with friends.”

It’s a wise product to throw in your bag, because a) it’s multitasking and b) it’s a universally flattering shade that provides a just-right touch of a sun-kissed coral to the cheeks (even if you haven’t actually seen the sun since summer).

These are some other multitasking makeup finds that every busy woman should try. And then these are the best makeup remover wipes to take it all off at the end of the day.