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Photo: Instagram/@comingsoonny

It’s not hard to convince anyone to stay in, cozy up, and get hygge with it during the chilly fall and winter months. And with your homemade PSL, Netflix queue, and witchy women’s circle all ready for takeoff, you’re almost set for the next six months…but first it’s time to update your snuggle-ready decor palette.

When it comes to hygge life, you can never have too many soft blankets, sweaters, or soup bowls on hand. And if you haven’t yet tried on the Danish concept for size, there’s no better time than now to officially kick-start your comfy collection of goods. With many healthy-home essentials now available in millennial pink—not unlike your Nike kicks or that APL bomber jacket—feeling relaxed looks really pretty, too.

Shop 13 millennial-pink hygge buys below.

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Take fall comfort to new levels with luxe loungewear or these soft comforters.