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Target launches nontoxic perfume line Pin It
Photo: Target

When it comes to bringing clean beauty to the masses, Target is on fire. The latest addition to its affordable offerings is the company’s first exclusive fragrance brand, Good Chemistry.

The scents, inspired by different personality types, are made with real essential oils and are also vegan and paraben-free.

The brand encompasses four collections, each with unique scents available in the form of bottled perfume, body spray, or rollerball, all for less than $25 per item. And the best part? The scents are made with real essential oils and are also vegan and paraben-free.

Furthermore, the collections—Confident and Charming, Good and Grounded, Vibrant and Playful, and Cool and Collected—are meant for a customized experience, as they’re inspired by different personalities. So, consider embracing the January 21 product launch as a deadline for revisiting your Myers-Briggs breakdown.

The goal of the new line is to expand on Target’s philosophy that its beauty department should focus on allowing customers to discover products that work specifically for them, said Christina Hennington, senior vice president of beauty and essentials at Target, in a press release. “That’s why we are reinvigorating our fragrance collection by introducing Good Chemistry, an exclusive brand that is all about inspiring our guests to find unique scents that they love.”

And, no matter your personality type, it’s safe to assume you love smelling fresh and clean with nontoxic perfume.

Here are all the nontoxic scents to look forward to from Good Chemistry’s collections.

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target perfume good chemistry
Photo: Target

1. Confident and Charming

  • Gardenia Palm
  • Vanilla Orchid
  • Jasmine Rose
  • Magnolia Violet

target perfume good chemistry
Photo: Target

2. Good and Grounded

  • Sugar Berry
  • Water Lily
  • Blue Bell
  • Apricot Bloom

target perfume good chemistry
Photo: Target

3. Vibrant and Playful

  • Brainiac
  • Daydreamer
  • Queen Bee
  • Wild Child

target perfume good chemistry
Photo: Target

4. Cool and Collected

  • Cool Glacier
  • Mineral Desert
  • Rustic Woods
  • Silver Coast

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