SoulCycle’s opening a new studio, and there’s not a bike in sight

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When SoulCycle first opened in 2006, it single-handedly changed the fitness scene by turning an everyday workout into a mind-body experience with next-level, inspirational instructors and curated, bumping playlists. Although it arguably created the boutique fitness studio model that so many Pilates, HIIT, and dance cardio studios have since followed, SoulCycle has stuck to indoor-cycling bread and butter. Until now.

In an email to its riders, the brand announced today that it will open a new studio in New York City’s Flatiron District called SoulAnnex…but there will be no bikes.

According to its website, Soul instructors will teach classes in three modalities: Move, energetic classes where you can “embrace the rhythm”; Define, Soul’s take on HIIT; and Align, classes that promote active recovery.

According to social media posts by fitness influencers like @sweatsandthecity, who took a pre-launch class this morning, the space doesn’t have showers, but there are two bathrooms and a changing room for freshening up. There’s also a retail wall of leggings, sports bras, tanks, and sweatshirts with the SoulAnnex logo (a simple triangle).

SoulAnnex officially opens Tuesday, October 3, and pricing is $34 for a class. Class booking opens on Monday, October 2, at noon. Until then, clip in and ride on.

Only time will tell if SoulCycle warriors Beyoncé and Lucy Hale become SoulAnnex devotees.

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