This Frothy Pink Gin Fizz Is Your Warm Weather Superfood Go-To

gin fizz
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Nicaraguan restaurant Chicha is serving up a cocktail bursting with over-the-top girly vibes, and we are so here for it. It's pink. It's sweet. It's floral. And it's primed for the spring and summer seasons.

Marshall Altier, director of the Brooklyn eatery, uses fresh pitaya grenadine to give the cocktail its pretty pink color, and he mixes in coconut horchata, lime, and lemon. As for the booze: It's gin all the way, baby. Altier uses two different types, then adds a spritz of rose water.

Altier says the cocktail was inspired by a trip to a local market in Managua, Nicaragua. "What stood out was its color and texture," he adds, saying it reminded him of the Ramos Gin Fizz, a classic cocktail made with egg whites and cream. Altier tasked himself with coming up with a vegan version and after many attempts, finally got it just right.

"The coconut horchata is the ingredient that gives the drink the rich texture we wanted, and binds the ingredients to give it the frothy head that the Ramos has," he says. "The color and fruitiness that plays so well with that flavor is from the pitaya, one of the most common ingredients in Nicaragua. We were able to pull that flavor and color out by combining it with pomegranate and cane sugar to make a true fresh grenadine." And that sweetness is balanced out perfectly with the botanicals and citrus.

If you're ready to try making this delicious gin fizz at home, scroll down for the recipe and to watch a one-minute video to see exactly how it's done.




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