How to Make a Healthy-Ish Margarita for Cinco De Mayo

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PSA: Avocados aren’t just for smoothies (and salads and toast). It turns out that the superfood is a healthy and delicious addition to margaritas. “It helps dial back the smokiness of the mezcal and gives the cocktail an almost smoothie-like texture,” says Anthony Mylott, head bartender at Margo’s, a restaurant and bar in Santa Monica, who shares his recipe below.

In this version, traditionally-used tequila is traded for mezcal, a Mexican liquor that’s been trending in the health world recently since it’s purer than tequila in terms of ingredients and craftsmanship. Made from agave, it imparts a complex, earthy flavor.

To fully incorporate the avocado, “shake it in a shaker with ice until it’s completely broken down and then build the margarita on top of that,” says Mylott. If you can’t find chili salt, make it yourself by combining two parts kosher salt to one part Aleppo pepper and a dash of cayenne. Ready to serve it up at your next fiesta? Scroll down for the recipe.

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Mezcal and Avocado Margarita

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