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How to Make the Prettiest Avocado Boats Ever


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Photo: Anna Pelzer
Ripe avocados get dipped in sesame seeds before being stuffed with veggies marinated in a sesame oil and tamari sauce and topped with crumbled nori and microgreens. Pelzer was inspired one day when she wanted the flavors of sushi but didn’t have any rice. “I love the flavors of the sesame oil and tamari over the creamy avocado,” she says.

When it comes to prepping the avocado, you can do it a couple of ways: “If you peel the avocado, it picks up more sesame seeds and it can be easily eaten with a fork,” says Pelzer. “If the avocado is unpeeled, it is easier to handle and is best eaten with a spoon.” Either way, you'll get an *ahem* boat-load of deliciousness.

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