This Booty-Kicking Workout Will Make You Feel Like a (Sweaty) Prima Ballerina

And help you tone your glutes, thighs, and abs in under 15 minutes.

Taking a cue from cool girls like Adriana Lima, Lucy Hale, and Gabrielle Union, I recently decided to incorporate more toning exercises into my workout regimen as a means of giving my total bodying a little TLC. So, when I got the opportunity to test out LEKfit, the on-demand iteration of Lauren Kleban's dance-inspired sculpting workout (which counts Emmy Rossum and Busy Philipps among its devotees), I gladly added the videos to my fitness routine.

Full disclosure: These sequences are hardcore, like "leave-a-huge-sweat-puddle-in-your-wake" difficult. But they're also super fun and effective. And here's your chance to get a taste of the arabesque-filled exercises yourself. Below, try Kleban's fave three moves for sculpting your glutes, thighs, and core muscles. By the end of this sesh, you'll def be channeling your inner (sweaty) prima ballerina. Braided bun optional—but highly encouraged.

Scroll down for 3 ballet-inspired sculpting moves from LEKfit founder Lauren Kleban.

LEKFit lower-body series

Roll out your yoga mat and come onto all fours, making sure your weight is evenly distributed with your shoulders over your wrists and hips over knees. For each move below, complete 20 reps per side using a resistance band, ankle weight, or no equipment at all. If you opt to go the resistance band route, heed this advice from Kleban: "Hook one end of the band around the foot of your working leg and place your non-working knee on the band to hold it in place."

1. Parallel arabesque lift

Extend your left leg back straight behind you on the floor with toes pointing down. Engage your glute, hamstring, and core to lift the leg off the ground high enough to feel a contraction but not so high that you feel pressure in your lower back. Return to start for one rep.

2. Hydrant lift

From all-fours position, keeping knee in line with hip and leg bent at 90-degree angle, lift your left leg directly out to side attempting to bring knee as close to hip height as possible without leaning into right hip. Return the knee to hover above ground for one rep.

3. Hydrant extension

From raised hydrant position (leg bent at 90, knee in line with hip), point through toes and extend leg behind you at back, 45-degree diagonal. Try to keep leg at hip height or slightly higher without crunching into lower back. Contract the glutes and obliques and return to lifted bent hydrant position for one rep.

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