Forget the Facial: Amazon’s Line of Brand-New 5-Minute Face Masks Are *That* Good

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If I had to make up a wish list for my dream beauty products, there would be a few key things on it. Ideally, it'd be easy to get—like, Amazon Prime easy—full of safe ingredients, and fast acting. Oh, and the most ideal thing of all? The beauty products would be super affordable.

Well, I think Will Smith's genie has gotten a head start on his job, because my wishes have been granted: FBC, short for Fast Beauty Co, launched today with a line of 5-minute masks and micellar wipes sold exclusively on Amazon for under 15 dollars.

At the launch this morning in New York's Soho neighborhood, I met with the sister-model-influencer duo Simona and Diana Kubasova, who wanted to create a skin-care line that's not only cute (case in point: each mask is Instagram friendly and flecked with gold) but also convenient for women on the go. As in, who only have five minutes to spare for a face mask to do its job. And so they worked with celebrity dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD to concoct sheet masks that utilize ingredients like collagen (for hydration), hyaluronic acid (for even more hydration), and rosemary (to clarify), among many others that will effectively penetrate your skin in the time it takes to brew a coffee.

There are several lines within the brand, including the Clarity Collection, which is for breakouts and uses charcoal to detoxify, the Dive-In Collection for hydrating purposes (yep, it has HA in it), and Drink Up, which incorporates powerhouse antioxidant hibiscus along with argan oil to keep things calm and smooth. There are masks for all necessary body parts, from your under-eye area to your lips, face, neck, and décolletage—and even one packet that's a "BFF" face mask for you and your masking partner to do together.

"We wanted skin-care products that work quickly with our busy schedules," Diana Kubasova said this morning. "Sometimes you don't have time to sit for 20 minutes waiting for a face mask to work." Ain't that the truth. And so, in this era of instant gratification, you can now choose from this entire skin-care line that'll give your complexion a boost without interfering with your calendar. And the best part of all? You can grab it on Amazon Prime, baby.

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