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Quiz: What’s your wellness home-decor style?

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Photo: Stocksy/Raymon Forbes LLC

Along with grocery shopping and knowing how often to wash your towels, figuring out how to expertly decorate your healthy home with mood-boostingfunctional wares that add up to a cohesive aesthetic is (unfortunately) not something they teach you in school.

But, if you’re a mere freshman in the art of decor, not to worry: This quiz will help you identify your ideal home style, given factors like your stance on all things millennial pink and your attitude on Marie Kondo–approved minimalism. (Pro tip: There’s a chic diffuser for everywhere style—and every Zen den could use a healthy dose of some calming aromatherapy.)

After you’ve figured out your home style, get some assistance on the next plant you need for your home and the crystal you should add to your collection.