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Gwyneth_JuiceBeauty_makeupThere’s probably no celebrity more devoted to wellness than goop founder, healthy cookbook author, and dance cardio aficionado Gwyneth Paltrow. And now the healthy lifestyle advocate adds non-toxic beauty guru to her resume as the creative director (and investor) of the new 78-piece Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Color collection, which debuts today.

Suffice it to say, she’ll be carrying her own (organic-powered) makeup bag to photoshoots now, thank you very much.

Paltrow, who’s often ahead of the healthy curve, has long been sipping green juice for great skin, so it’s not surprising she’d see clean beauty as a field ripe for picking. “Obviously we’re living in an age where we’re all becoming more and more aware of link between what we’re ingesting and adverse effects on our health,” Paltrow tells us, while prepping for the launch and the Golden Globes in the same week.

Clean beauty is the new organic food
“Ten or fifteen years ago with organic food, people didn’t understand it, and now we have this mass movement. [Today] people are really understanding now how absorbent an organ the skin is….how applying toxic chemicals on our skin is not good for us,” she adds. If clean beauty is the next frontier, Paltrow is making sure her wagon’s leading the charge.
And teaming up with Juice Beauty, a high-performance, clean beauty brand with ten years under its belt, gives her a platform to do just that. From its earliest days, Juice Beauty’s founder Karen Behnke, herself a corporate wellness vet, was using fruit actives like malic acid in its signature Green Apple Peel, apple stem cells for anti-aging, and shunning the worst ingredients in skin care.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Color collection, which includes complexion, eye, and lip products ($20–48, no golden juicer price tags here), shows a similar ethos. Glass bottles and airless pumps to help preserve the foundation and primer, and creamy plant-based formulas with antioxidants and cold-pressed oils might actually be able to improve your skin while you’re wearing it.

“I’ve always set the goal for Juice Beauty to meet or exceed conventional chemical skincare efficacy and makeup vibrancy and wear,” says Behnke, who likes to remind you how unregulated “natural” is as a term. (“Did you know that asbestos is natural? Petroleum is natural too!” she says in a digression that gets you thinking.)

So, what’s the collection like?
A few things the makeup collection really nails: You won’t struggle to get coverage from the Perfecting Concealer and Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation. The colors (particularly in the lip crayons and lipsticks) range from the perfectly classic to approachable-trendy, and feel nourishing. And the Ultra-Natural Mascara has a spiral brush that with a bit more practice I might be able to skip using my lash curler. If I were GP, I’d feel confidently primped for sitting in The Tonight Show chair next to Jimmy Fallon promoting my next movie in this makeup: It had surprising staying power.
Behnke says Paltrow’s been “working alongside me and our scientists and our product development team over the past several months, choosing all of the packaging, the color ranges, the final textures.” Still, it would be hard to not capitalize on Paltrow’s (poreless) skin to some degree. So the brand shares how to get her daytime and Hollywood looks, and in every product category, one shade is perfectly matched to Gwyneth, Behnke explains. “For instance, her Flawless Serum Foundation shade is Golden Tan.”

Taking clean beauty mainstream
Paltrow says this isn’t just about putting on a pretty face. “The company is kind of my dream in terms of alignment. I really believe in what Karen is doing for the sustainability of the planet….[she’s] really the leader in these practices. It’s very important as a woman, as a mother, and as someone who preaches a non-toxic lifestyle.”

Sure, Paltrow’s wellness passion (and goop platform) gives Juice Beauty some mega-watt marketing power, but by vouching for the effectiveness and chicness of non-toxic makeup, Paltrow could also help evolve the perception of clean beauty more broadly.

“We now know it’s possible to create luxurious makeup products but without any of the potentially toxic ingredients,” says Paltrow, who might just get women to see that their makeup should be as healthy as their food and workout choices. We’re talking “real makeup with high-power, high-payoff pigments,” she says. And maybe a little bit more. —Melisse Gelula

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