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Photo: Instagram/@sleepyjones

There is something about the days getting darker faster, as we move from summer to fall, that makes time feel somehow elastic. On Monday, I made weekend plans with five different people. But it’s Friday now and, honestly, my Saturday-to-Sunday to-do list has two items on it: canceling plans and wrapping myself in layers of soft and hygge-friendly fabrics.

Once you have a bralette that doesn’t make you feel suffocated, the next step is some very seriously luxe and silky pajamas. They let you feel like you’re naked, but basically better, since your skin is being gently hugged by the world’s smoothest fabric. But considering the tedious process required to produce silk (slowly unraveling individual silk worms’ cocoons string by string), these pajamas are less of the bargain-bin variety and more of the treat-yourself persuasion.

If you’re debating between a pair of more affordable satin pajamas and the real deal, keep in mind silk offers a few key sleep-enhancing benefits, namely that the material is hypoallergenic and body-temperature regulating. Plus, it may help keep skin smooth and wrinkle-free.

Add serene bedspreads and mood-boosting plants for an optimal staying-in setup.

Check out these 14 silky-smooth PJs, perfect for luxurious lounging.

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