The 6 Healthiest Items on Jessica Biel’s Wellness Résumé

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Jessica Biel has long been the epitome of the cool girl next door. Like, the one you'd to run to for advice on everything from boys to makeup. She leaves no question as to which member of *NYSNC is the cutest. And when it comes to getting her insight on the star's healthy habits, let's just say we're here for it.

Biel developed a love for fitness at an early age. As a kid, she participated in gymnastics, which in turn led her to channel that energy into yoga practice. (She has a multi-year collaboration with Gaiam!) In addition to her admirable workout preferences, you can always find something wholesome on her plate (and she's never afraid to talk about digestion). In short, Jessica Biel is the very definition of inspirational.

These are the 6 healthiest items on Jessica Biel's wellness résumé.

1. She's a yogi

Biel enjoys a variety of workouts, but nothing outshines her love for yoga. She practices three to five times a week for at least 20 minutes, if not more. Her favorite poses are hip-openers, which are great at combating tightness. "I love lizard, and I like all of the standing poses that are really hip-activated, like warrior two, reverse warrior, and runner’s lunge," she says.

2. She's all about healthy digestion

Technique for keeping one's digestion on track can be deeply personal. (For Drew Barrymore, it's her handy-dandy digestive enzymes.) "Honestly, I just feel better when I don’t have gluten or dairy," Biel says. "My digestion is better, I feel better, and I have more energy."

3. She does cryotherapy on the reg

If you haven't noticed, the Timberlakes never seem to age, and it might be because of their love of cryotherapy. The treatment involves spending a few minutes in an ice-cold tank, which is said to reduce inflammation and muscle pain, as well as give your skin a boost. According to one expert, it provides a healthy glow, improved complexion, and a boost in collagen with time. No wonder she gets the treatment as often as every other day.

4. She loves to cook nutritious meals

Even on her business days (and there are a lot of 'em) Biel has one quickie meal that always hits the spot: homemade vegan purees. "I’m a big fan of easy-make, easy-bake vegan purees, which I think can be a nice, light supper option. You cook the vegetables, roasting them in the oven, adding salt, pepper, and your favorite spices," she says. "Then, you put it in the blender and boom—you’ve made yourself a really light, really healthy, gorgeous soup that anybody can enjoy pretty easily."

5. She deals with sore muscles by working out more

Even as a total fitness buff who can do weighted, one-legged pistol squats midair like it's no big deal, she's still bound to get sore every now and then. Instead of laying around and letting the burn pass, she swears by fighting through the pain and going for seconds. "Work out again. Get right back in it. If you’re sore, work out your hips or your butt or whatever it is," she says.

6. She celebrates good news with aerial flips

Most people celebrate good news by taking themselves out to eat or pouring a nice glass of red wine. Biel, on the other hand, unleashes her excitement with aerial flips. Would you expect anything less?

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