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It’s been over a decade since The Hills first aired on MTV, and if you’re wondering what its cast’s been up to, you might be in for a surprise—bigger than that time LC crashed Heidi’s wedding.

Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Lo Bosworth, and Kristin Cavallari have all transformed from reality TV stars to wellness influencers IRL. (Even Spencer Pratt’s now super obsessed with crystals.) Who knew the rest still unwritten would be recipes?

Scroll down to see 10 healthy things you can learn from the ladies of The Hills.

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Photo: Instagram/@laurenconrad

1. These three oils are as essential as the perfect sun-kissed highlights.

2. If you’re like LC, then Paleo pumpkin bread’s the perfect thing to serve with your next supercharged cup of coffee.

4. No, you don’t actually need to clean your vagina. But if you do, treat your lady bits to natural products.

5. Here are five good-for-you items to keep in your fridge à la Lo Bosworth. Should there be room for anything else, Whitney Port suggests making it barkTHINS.

6. Yes, it’s possible to stay healthy during festival season. Hint: It involves drinking lots of water.

7. Looking for a natural way to ease anxiety? Taking probiotics, plus these two vitamins, could help.

8. So could exercising—but here’s why you might want to swap cardio for weight lifting like Kristin Cavallari.

9. Just don’t forget to take a rest day.

10. Maybe use it to take a trip to the beach. Remember to pack your Lauren Conrad-approved dreamy cover-up and flattering bathing suit like a true SoCal healthy gal.

Two other wellness trends these California girls would probably be in to: wearing your bathing suit with everything—including a cute crossbody bag