11 ways to get your avocado-toast fix that don’t involve eating it

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At this point, avocado toast is so much more than a steadfast brunch staple. Years after becoming a hip, healthy, and even controversial literal smash hit, it’s now a veritable cultural touchstone and a marker of identity. Toast with ‘cado has even been credited with inspiring where you book your next vacation.

Although avocado-toast fatigue is theoretically possible, the obsession has shown no signs of slowing down. And with the holidays upon us, there’s no better time to seize the opportunity to gift your besties avocado-toast–themed goodies.

So, yeah, we probably haven’t reached peak avocado-toast popularity quite yet. Quite frankly, I doubt that time will come until we can bathe in the stuff.

Here are the 11 avo-toast–themed products.

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Interested in actually eating avocado toast? Here are some avo-heavy Thanksgiving recipes and a turmeric-rich way to enhance your toast.

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