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The 11 Best OXO Products That Make Cooking Way More Convenient (Bonus: They’re All Under $25)

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If you’re like me and have always hoped to become a home chef, you’ve likely spent hours scrolling through Instagram and TikTok drooling over all the delicious recipes that fill the apps’ feeds. Where many people actually try the recipes soon after discovering them, others (myself included) hoard them in saved folders to use at a later day. Well, in January 2022, I decided that the time had come to finally make good on my recipe collecting. So, I decided to switch up my regular new year’s resolution in an attempt to focus on learning to cook.

To do so, I pledged (to myself and my social following) to cook a new recipe each week of the year. While it was easy to come up with recipes to kick off my resolution, I quickly discovered that without the right kitchen gadgets, accomplishing your cooking goals can become quite the challenge. And since a lot of kitchen essentials are pricey, I went on a deliberate hunt to find the best brand and products that could deliver high-quality results—without breaking the bank. I found that OXO products (you can get them from Target, Amazon, or below) were durable, easy to use, and versatile.

If you're also looking for a wallet-friendly way to fill your kitchen with the tools you need, here are the best OXO products that streamline cooking.


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The best OXO products you can buy online

Instant Read Thermometer — $13.00

Whether you’re grilling meats or whipping up a batch of fresh buttercream frosting, being able to accurately read the temperature of what you’re cooking is pivotal. In both instances, the foods are meant to be eaten at a certain temperature, so having a thermometer that you can plunge into them will help take the guesswork out of cooking. This thermometer, in particular, is beloved for its convenient sheath, which outlines the proper temperatures for poultry, beef, and more.

silicone brush
Silicone Basting Brush — $12.00

A basting brush comes in just as handy for a turkey as it does for coating garlic knots in buttery perfection. This OXO one is made with silicone bristles that won’t degrade with use. Plus, since they’re made of heat-resistant silicone, the bristles can be dipped into hot and cold basting liquids alike.

cookie scoop
Softworks Cookie Scoop — $17.00

Love a pan of uniform cookies? Or perhaps you’re hoping to achieve perfectly even cupcakes? Whatever the case may be, a cookie scoop can help. This stainless steel OXO one is sold in three sizes and works just as well with dough as it does liquid batter.

pressure cooker egg rack
Pressure Cooker Egg Rack — $13.00

If you enjoy cooking with your InstantPot, you’ll enjoy this silicone OXO Pressure Cooker Egg Rack. It’s designed to steady the eggs in your pot so that they don’t go knocking around while cooking. Of course, if you’re not a fan of eggs—or even if you simply prefer multi-purpose tools—you’ll be glad to know this rack can be used as a trivet to elevate foods above the liquid when steaming, as well.

Jar Spatula — $10.00

Tired of wasting delicious jelly, peanut butter, mayo, and other condiments? This slim OXO spatula will help you make use of every last drop.

measuring cups
1-Cup Angled Measuring Cup — $10.00

This measuring cup is one of my all-time fave kitchen gadgets. The multi-purpose cup does the work of six measuring cups, allowing users to divide out ¼, ⅓, ½, ⅔, ¾, and 1-cup measurements. Best of all, you can read it from the side or from above, so you don’t have to constantly lift it up or crouch down to see which line you’re at.

baking mat
11.5x16.5 Silicone Baking Mat — $22.00

Not a fan of dealing with hard-to-clean pans? Layer them with one of these silicone baking mats to make clean-up a breeze. Plus, since the mat is designed to be stick-free, you don’t have to spray it with any oil, either.

SoftworksChopper — $23.00

If you’d rather not dice veggies by hand, you have to have a chopper in your kitchen. This OXO one comes with a built-in cup measure so you can easily chop a cup’s worth of veggies (or in increments of ¼ cup). It features a wave-pattern chopper that rotates to finely dice nuts, garlic, and more in mere seconds.

flavor injector
Flavor Injector for Meat & Poultry — $18.00

Is there anything worse than dry meat? (I’m getting Christmas Vacation dinner scene vibes—yikes.) Thankfully, the OXO Flavor Injector for Meat & Poultry makes whipping up juicy entrees easier than ever. With this syringe, you can suck up any marinade of your choosing and inject it deep into the meat to make parched poultry and bland steak a worry of the past.

cut and keep
Cut and Keep Produce Savers — $12.00

Last but not least, we have these genius produce savers—because, let’s face it, who really needs a whole onion or lemon when cooking smaller servings. These innovative silicone and plastic gadgets let you put flat-sided, already-sliced fruits and veggies in safe-keeping for the next use. They’re designed to hug the sliced produce tightly to both preserve the shelf life of the item while nixing the need for single-use plastic wrap and foil.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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