5 detoxifying foods you might already have in your fridge

Detox foods
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Feeling a little fall sluggishness that a little fall detox could help with? Well, before you go speed-dialing a 3-day cleanse, you might want to consider opening your fridge first.

The naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, and co-author of Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover with celebrity fitness trainer Joe Dowdell, says you can ditch the bloat and the sluggishness by eating fiber-filled foods that support your liver—and are probably already in your fridge or on your kitchen counter. (A ton of water doesn’t hurt either.)

“When you think of your body’s detox capacities as a bucket that must be emptied—after, say, a summer of indulgence—remember there are two ways to stop the bucket from overflowing: dump the bucket (i.e., eat detox foods) or stop the flow of gunk in and take out garbage foods like processed foods, sugar, and alcohol,” says Dr. Kalanick, who also holds a masters in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Here are the five foods to help you detox this fall—and great news, most of them are probably already in your kitchen (or on your shopping list). —Molly Gallagher

Brooke Kalanick
(Photo: Brooke Kalanick)

1. Brassica Veggies
“Many foods that are considered detoxing support the liver—meaning they aid in getting garbage transformed and packaged for elimination through the GI tract,” Dr. Kalanick says. Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and kale are detox powerhouses. They’re full of fiber and contain enzymes that help metabolize toxins and excess hormones, she explains.

2. Beets
These root veggies contain betacyanin, which is a great liver detox booster, she says. “It’s one of my favorite carbohydrate sources for those avoiding processed starches and even Paleos who skip grains,” Dr. Kalanick says.

3. Protein
“Most detox plans recommend a vegan diet. But sulfur-containing amino acids found in animal protein are the fuel your phase-two liver detoxification runs on,” Dr. Kalanick says.

You can eat any kind of meat, but it’s got to be quality stuff. “If it’s garbage protein then we’ll just be bringing in more stuff in to be detoxed. So think free range, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken, grass fed beef, and low toxicity or wild fish,” Dr. Kalanick says. 

4. Flaxseeds
They’re a great source of fiber and help scoot out stuff your liver has already detoxed, especially metabolized hormones like estrogen, explains Dr. Kalanick.

“Flax goes rancid very easily so either grind the seeds just prior to use or soak them in just enough water to cover them over night. They will be soft and slippery by morning and easily go into a protein shake or taken like a shot,” Dr. Kalanick says.

5. Apples
“The pectin in apples are great for ushering out detoxed hormones and other junk,” Dr. Kalanick says. “They’re also one of the highest water and fiber to sugar ratios of any fruit, making them a great high fiber, lower sugar fruit choice. Win, win.”

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