The 10 life-changing beauty tips we learned this year

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The last 12 months have been a pretty (ahem) great year for beauty. After all, the clean beauty revolution officially became a thing—and it’s never been easier to follow a natural, botanical, and gentler makeup and skin-care regimen.

Along the way the pros shared some genius tips that make achieving a glow way easier.

Ranging from insider dish (like why your shower routine might be the cause of your body breakouts) to the unconventional (hello, face cupping) these are the top hacks that everyone buzzed about in 2016.

Keep reading to see the 10 life-changing beauty tips we learned this year.

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apple cider vinegar
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1. Some of the most powerful beauty products are in your kitchen

You don’t have to go far to find some seriously strong skin-boosting ingredients—just head to the kitchen. Case in point? Apple cider vinegar can double as a toner, you can make a vitamin C serum out of tea, and honey is a totally valid face wash replacement.

natural verison of kylie lip kit
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2. Natural products are just as effective as their chemically laced counterparts

Non-toxic beauty is becoming increasingly popular—natural ingredients are just as effective as chemical ones, after all. And just because you’re going natural doesn’t mean you have to skimp on effectiveness—there are natural alternatives for even the buzziest beauty products (yes, the Kylie Lip Kit included).

why you should drink collagen
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3. Drinking collagen is key for radiance

The it-ingredient is one of our wellness trends for 2017—no surprise, considering its steady rise over the past year. Sipping on collagen protein gives your body the boost it needs to repair its connective tissues and stimulates your own collagen formation. Try adding it to your morning smoothie, a la Jennifer Aniston.

importance of regular facials
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4. Your skin craves consistency

Whether you opt to get a monthly facial or not, it’s best to stick to what works. A regular, streamlined skin-care routine (like, not trying a new serum every single day) is essential for a clear, glowing complexion.

how to avoid bacne
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5. You should wash your body after your hair

Have a case of bacne? The order you wash in the shower can play a role on body breakouts—experts say that by rinsing out your conditioner (which can be clogging your pores) and then washing your body, you may prevent back bumps.

which plants to use for clear skin
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6. Look to plants for skin-clearing powers

Whether you’re browsing the farmers’ market or reading beauty product labels, look to plants like basil or chamomile for a clear complexion.

how to avoid hormonal acne
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7. Avoid inflammation-causing foods to prevent hormonal acne

Inflammation is at the root of a whole range of issues, one of which includes those pesky monthly breakouts that come along with your period. Keep them away by skipping dairy, soy, gluten, and other inflammatory foods, and opt for a gut-healthy diet instead.

hydrosols for all skin types
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8. A hydrosol makes moisturizing super easy

2016 was the year that beauty it-girls fell hard for facial mists. And for good reason: Nutrient-packed hydrosols keep skin glowy and moisturized.

face mapping
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9. Face mapping can help you control breakouts

Learning how to read your face to decipher the root cause of pimples is a skill with serious benefits—including keeping acne away for good.

face cupping
Photo: Instagram/@theskinnyconfidential

10. Cupping—on your face—helps with puffiness

Michael Phelps may have made waves at this year’s Olympics with cupping marks on his shoulders, but it’s not just for your body—face cupping actually helps to de-puff and stimulates your skin for a covetable glow.

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