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305 FitnessThis year we’re all about the self-love—but when it comes to your fitness routine, there’s a reason the term “workout buddy” was invented.

Whether it’s with your partner, your bestie, or that Shadowbox instructor who, when your endorphins are pumping, you’re convinced you love deeply, these five New York City workouts and workshops are made for two.

Friday, February 12
1. Just Friends Rock Climbing with Brooklyn Boulders
Looking to avoid some of the lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day romance? Brooklyn Boulders wants you to celebrate your favorite people and things, without the pink hearts and cupids. We’re talking wine, chocolate, live music, and two-person rock climbing routes for you and your BFF (or, that second date that you want to see without any February 14th pressure). On belay? Belay on!

Saturday, February 13
2. Yoga 4 Better Sex with 305 Fitness
This 90-minute workshop starts with an hour of steamy hot yoga and is followed by 30 minutes of intimacy enhancing tips from sexpert Rachel Hoffman. It’s no coincidence that the workshop concludes with complimentary wine and chocolate (aphrodisiacs, anyone?). Friends are totally welcome in place of a romantic partner, if an evening of Sex and the City-esque girl talk is more your speed.

3. Partner Massage with Reflections Yoga
Take cuddling to a whole new level with simple Swedish and Thai massage techniques. Paula Tursi will teach you all the basics to these knot-melting, feel-good massages. For a bit of extra love, stay after the workshop for complimentary wine and sweets.

4. ROW-meo and Juliet with Row House Chelsea
Bring on the row-mance puns. Instructor—you guessed it—Juliet leads this 45-minute full-body workout paired with rowmantic tunes for the ultimate sweat session. Once the endorphins kick in, there will be post-row wine and mingling.

Sunday, February 14
5. Lovers x Fighters V-Day Event with Shadowbox
Who said partners shouldn’t fight on Valentine’s Day? Invite your significant other into the ring (or, pretend the punching bag is your ex) for a sweaty 45-minute boxing class. Once you’re ready to kiss and make up, there will be champagne and snacks; you can toast to love, friendship, or meeting new people before V-Day 2017.

Looking for some post-workout fuel that’ll get you in the mood? You might be surprised by these 7 aphrodisiacs.

(Photo: Facebook, 305 Fitness)


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