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Stylish running shoes


self_logo Some sneakers are meant for performance, while others are meant to be fun and flirty for everyday! Take off those sweaty gym sneakers post-workout and run your errands in style with one of these cute picks. Spring is in the air!


Asics Rush33

Asics Rush33 ($70) Debuting in May, these sneaks are lightweight and comfy for running, or running errands.




Nike Balsa shoe

Nike 6.0 Balsa ($60) This adorable slip-ons look great with jeans and even with sweaty workout wear.




Keen Coronado shoes

Keen Coronado ($60) Eco-friendly with an old-school feel. Love these!




Puma sneakers

Maya NM by Puma ($65) Comfort meets style! Toss these sneaks in your bag after a long day of heels. Love the colors!




New Balance 773 shoes

New Balance 773 ($64.99) An everyday shoe with a lot of spunk! Inspired by Maggie Vessey, the fastest women on the planet.



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