9 Sexual Wellness Gift Boxes To Help Everyone Come Into 2021 Strong

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Many of us are now more comfortable openly talking about masturbation and pleasure than ever before, so it just may be that holiday gifts this year could likewise be more sex-positive. In fact, many pleasure purveyors are offering sex toy gift sets, which gleefully blurs the lines between the "naughty" and "nice" list where presents are concerned. Because, folks, it's been a year—and we deserve to double down on pleasure.

"With all the anxieties that we have had to face this year—racist attacks, pandemic, elections, workforce changes—a lot of people have lost their libido," says Marla Renee Stewart, sexologist for sexual wellness retailer Lovers. "It's time to get back to bringing back all the good things that sex does for your body."

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Along those lines, think of sex toy gift sets as the perfect self-care package for so many people in your life: you, your Blanche Devereaux bestie, your uninspired partner, your mom with no boundary issues, and maybe not your dad but definitely your daddy. "If you know someone who has had a lot of changes over the past year, this is a good way to show them that you care about their mental and sexual health," says Stewart. "Tapping into their sexuality might bring about new inspiration for the new year and help facilitate good feelings for the road up ahead."

Below, find 9 sex toy gift sets that bring joy to the world (or at least your bedroom)

1. Maude Stay in Bed Kit, $110

This is a wonderful starter set for anyone newly navigating their sexuality (see: that friend who got dumped mid-pandemic) and is maybe still shy about it. The star of the show in this gift set is my beloved Maude Vibe, a loyal three-setting beginner vibrator. It also includes biodegradable and compostable wipes, an aloe-based lubricant, and a sex toy sanitizing spray, because yes, newbies, you have to clean your vibrator after every use.

Shop Now: Maude Stay in Bed Kit, $110

2. Dame the Master Bedroom, $285

If you want to put some buzz in your relationship, Dame's finger vibe Fin and Eva II are among the best offerings of couple-friendly sex toys. The company's patented Pillo will help you pretzel into different positions with ease, and lube is there, too. Get this gift set to take your relationship from "vanilla" to "hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top."

Shop Now: The Master Bedroom, $285

3. Unbound Motherload, $45

If you need something for that pal who giggles with you over shared sexcapades, Unbound's Motherload is an excellent option. It's a tote that includes the Bean, Unbound's signature palm-sized vibe, a 30-day pass to audio erotica service Dipsea, Jelly, their water-based lube, and Clitoral Jolt Gel.

Shop Now: Unbound Motherload, $48

4. Zalo & Upko Doll Designer Collection Luxurious & Romantic Bondage Play Kit, $560

There are soft ways to introduce kink in the bedroom, and then there's this sex-toy gift set. If BDSM is already a healthy part of your sex play, you cannot find better luxury and elegance than Zalo's accessories. Yes, it includes a rose gag ball, and the sub in your life will love it. If you're new to kink, have conversations with your partner before playing with this set.

Shop Now: Zalo & Upko Doll Designer Collection Luxurious & Romantic Bondage Play Kit, $560

5. Blexbox, $99

Blex Technologies' Blexbox is a joyful collection from some of our favorite brands: It contains the aforementioned Dame Fin and Unbound Clitoral Jolt, as well as the Burn No. 1 massage candle from Maude. It also packs LELO's XL Hex condoms and High on Love's Chocolate Body Paint.

Shop Now: Blexbox, $99

6. Bloomi Loving on You Gift Box, $69

Consider sexual-wellness marketplace Bloomi's gift box a win for couples that are a little more cuddly in bed (but still want to savor pleasure throughout those cold, dark days). The Loving On You kit has the Bloomi "Let's Play!" cards that gamify date night, a cardamom-cinnamon dark chocolate to stimulate arousal, Bloomi's signature arousal oil, and a sex journal to "Dear Diary" all your orgasmic adventures.

Shop Now: Bloomi Loving on You Gift Box, $69

7. Le Wand Little Pleasures Set, $190

The Le Wand Little Pleasures Collection is like one gorgeous, winter white swoon in a box. It includes two beloved vibrators—the Le Wand Point and Le Wand Bullet. It can be gifted to the adult who needs a whisper-quiet vibe when isolating with their parents [cough], but something about the colorway screams "wedding night." Keep it in mind for the COVID bride who's going to have to wait things out a little longer.

Shop Now: Le Wand Little Pleasures Set, $190

8. Lickerish Love Founder Series Blush Box, $295

If you're part of a bridal party that wants to go splitsies on a gift, I cannot recommend the velvet-wrap Lickerish Love Blush Box enough. It invokes the senses with an ostrich feather, satin sash, and stainless steel pinwheel. It also includes Crave's signature Vesper necklace vibrator in rose gold, rose quartz yoni eggs, and a cute pink gem butt plug for penetrative play. But my favorite part is the massage candle, which pours out of a shell and smells powdery and warm.

Shop Now: Lickerish Love Founder Series—Blush, $295

9. We-Vibe Silver Delights, $229

And finally, we have the We-Vibe Silver Delights bundle, for the giftee who's not looking to mess around (because it's a pandemic, and that's extremely dangerous). This two-pack is perfect for those who want direct clitoral stimulation and, more specifically, climaxes that reach their peak in five minutes or less. The We-Vibe Tango is your classic bullet with a lipstick head and eight delicious settings, while Womanizer Premium is the Britney Spears of suction sex toys (the market has it's Christinas, Mandys and Jessicas, but Womanizer reigns supreme).

Shop Now: Womanizer Silver Delights, $229

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