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preventionBy Molly Raisch for

Forget Christmas: The launch of vacation season has to be the most wonderful time of the year. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, millions of us will be taking advantage of the warm temps to indulge in some much needed R&R. Exciting! Except for the fact that most of us come back from a trip feeling like we need another vacation.

To get the most rest and relaxation out of your time off, follow these tips:

Head to the beach. When trying to decide whether you should spend your week in the city, country, or at the coast—opt for the shore. According to a recent study from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, people who went to the water’s edge for a holiday reported more enjoyment, serenity, and refreshment than people who spent time in an urban setting or wilderness.

Stash the smartphone. For a vacation to be rejuvenating, you need to be completely present in the moment, says Matthew Edlund, MD, author of The Power of Rest. “That means put away your phones, your iPads, and laptops,” he says. You need to be on vacation in both body and spirit to reap the benefits of being somewhere else—and your pinging Blackberry doesn’t exactly help with that. “If you’re distracted on vacation, it’s not worth it,” says Dr. Edlund.

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