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Mary Louise Parker’s hair fell out from the Brazilian Blowout

Mary Louise Parker's plight might help push through a ban on the formaldehyde-based hair-straightening treatment, say our friends at No More Dirty Looks.

We’re super excited to introduce you to the witty brilliance of Alexandra Spunt and Siobhan O’Connor, the creators of No More Dirty Looks. Their blog is based on the book the two journalists wrote about toxic ingredients in skin-care products and how to avoid them. (A topic you know we care about.) We’ll be featuring one article a week from No More Dirty Looks, starting with this one on the Brazilian blowout—a beauty bait-and-switch treatment that lures us in with healthy-sounding “keratin” but really uses formaldehyde to straighten curls.

Mary Louise Parker Brazilian Blowout

By Alexandra Spunt for

What’s that rule about things always happening in threes? Well, first the Department of Labor issued a warning about the Brazilian, and now California is preparing an injunction, both of which are covered in TIME Magazine (where we also weigh in).

But the thing likely to get the most attention is this: The treatment made Mary Louise Parker’s hair fall out. Read more…