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These supplements are not for hippies or bodybuilders. Think celeb-endorsed prenatal vitamins and green powders decorated with aspirational yoga poses.

Honest Co.Supplements tend to conjure images of dusty patchouli-scented shelves at hippie health food stores or of bodybuilders lifting infomercial-appropriate jars with their giant muscles.

Now, a batch of new brands is dressing up vitamins and supplements in hip-and-chic packaging to appeal to young, urban women for whom health is a huge priority. Think sexy celeb-endorsed prenatal vitamins and green powders decorated with aspirational yoga poses.

The good news: these brands are also paying special attention to sourcing, using clean, quality ingredients and skipping additives, since they know that their target customer (you?) does not go in for that kind of thing. Here are three new sexier supplements to boost your health… —Lisa Elaine Held

(Photo: Honest Co.)


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AlohaAloha’s The Daily Good ($75 for 30) and The Foundation ($95 for 30)

Just-launched wellness company Aloha debuted with two all-vegan products: The Daily Good is a greens powder, which uses (mostly) organic superfoods—like spirulina, wild blueberries, and a variety of mushrooms, which are dried using a process said to preserve their nutrients. The company is cleverly marketing it as a green-juice alternative (although it’s, um, not fresh juice). The Foundation is a daily five-item pill packet meant to act as a supercharged multi. It contains key nutrients like omegas, vitamin D, and antioxidants like turmeric. And both have pretty packaging featuring aspirational imagery and endorsements from yoga teachers and CrossFit Coaches.

 (Photo: Aloha)


Honest Co. DHAThe Honest Company DHA/Omega-3 ($19.95) and Prenatal Multi-Vitamin ($29.95)

Who wouldn’t want to take vitamins the fabulous Jessica Alba takes? The popular actress’ cleaner home and body company The Honest Company recently debuted a supplement line made for the smart, chic sidewalk-stroller-pushing set. (Hello, Park Slope! How’s it going, Tribeca?) And some—like the DHA/Omega-3—are not just for moms. All are made from carefully sourced whole foods and are free of fillers and additives.

 (Photo: The Honest Company)


RebootReboot Antioxidant Packs and Powders ($59.99 for 30)

Reboot uses a patented production process that it says captures the most antioxidant-rich parts of seven powerful fruits and vegetables. The product, which comes in a drinkable pouch form or a powder you can sprinkle in your water or smoothie, is free of artificial additives (and GMOs).  There’s also some pretty convincing independent clinical testing commissioned by the company that shows it can help the body protect itself from free radicals damage to cells. Translated: it may help you feel better and be healthier. Just maybe. And the product just got a new cleaner, sleek look that will be reflected on its website soon and speaks to smart, savvy women in a much bigger way.

(Photo: Reboot)


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