5 fabulous gifts for a healthy home

These one-of-a-kind home goods will help your gift-ees transform their home into a super wellness space.
Healthy home 1 Welcome to Well+Good’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guides, where we recommend five (or more) healthy, stylish gifts for everyone on your list (or for you to add to yours!).

Skip gifting oil-based candles with toxic fumes. These one-of-a-kind home goods will help your gift-ees transform their abodes—whether tiny apartment or sprawling estate—into super wellness spaces.


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Healthy home 2Haven Trial Kit, $35.95

Born in a Brooklyn loft, these artisanal cleaning products will help your BFF create an environment that’s free of both grime and toxic chemicals.


Healthy home 3Blades Natural Beauty Eye Pillow, $35

It would be hard to top the “special” factor that comes with this soothing silk eye pillow that was hand-dyed—with flowers, berries, and leaves—in Brooklyn by natural makeup artist and herbalist Jessa Blades and artisanal dyer Cara Piazza. Lavender and flax seed fill the pillow for a blissful descent into slumber.


Healthy home 4Mud Carafe, $76

The Vitamix-lover in your life will rejoice to dress up green juice for guests in this pretty, minimalist carafe from coveted Australian pottery brand, Mud.


Healthy home 5Alexandra Ferguson “Go to the Gym” Pillow, $99

Adorable, in-your-face inspiration for couch potatoes or workout buffs.


Healthy home 6Sleep Studio Wake Up Light, $120

For city dwellers whose skyscraper-dwarfed windows prevent rising with the sun, this high-tech lamp grows brighter like the sunrise, encouraging waking up on the well-rested side of the bed.


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