The 5-step process to regain your calm, no matter what’s freaking you out

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In today’s crazy world, “calm, cool, and collected” ain’t always an easy mind-set to maintain. Whether you’re having a bad day at work or are stressing over a deadline, sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to shut off your brain for a second of relief. But there is an easy Zen-claiming method one psychologist swears by.

Life purpose coach and energy healer Karin Monster-Peters uses grounding techniques whenever she needs a mind, body, and soul reset. All the exercise entails is simply getting out of your own head and into your body to connect with the present instead of focusing on something bothersome that’s stressing you out.

“You can do this at your home, your office, or anywhere that those twinges of the mind catch you off guard.” —Karin Monster-Peters, psychologist

While there are a handful of grounding techniques, Monster-Peters contends that one in particular will help you get that much-needed relief: Reboot your senses—which can do wonders if you’re dealing with panic attacks and anxiety—anywhere, at any moment.

“All you need is a few moments and a little bit of focus. You can do this at your home, your office, or anywhere that those twinges of the mind catch you off guard,” she wrote in a blog post.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 easy steps to help you regain your calm.

Get Started

1. Choose five things in your environment

When you start to feel panic setting in, get out of your head by choosing any five things in your environment—then, give them your full attention.

“It doesn’t matter what it is. Connect through your sight to the world around you. Notice what’s there. Repeat to yourself, ‘I am here’ and direct your focus outward,” she wrote.


2. Find four things you can feel

Touch is more powerful than you think, whether your laptop keyboard or leather chair. “When you make physical contact with something through your sense of touch, you bring awareness to your fingers as well as to your body,” Monster-Peters wrote.


3. Focus on three things you can hear

Even if there’s not much noise, Monster-Peters said to simply feel the quietness around you—then listen for what’s on top of that lack of noice.

“You might hear a clock ticking. Maybe a computer or a refrigerator humming. Perhaps people having a conversation in the next room,” she wrote.


4. Identify two things you can smell around you

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. According to Monster-Peters, the scent source can be simple things sitting right in front of you, like “the coffee in your cup or the flowers on your desk. Focus on two distinct smells that tell you where you are,” she suggested.


5. Concentrate on one thing that you appreciate about yourself

After engaging your senses, there’s one important step left: realizing what you love about yourself.

What is the one thing that makes you feel the proudest? What makes you the most grateful for being you? Choose one thing you love, and let it fill you with appreciation,” Monster-Peters wrote.

Because grounding, after all, means connecting to yourself. Do things feel clearer and more manageable yet?

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