5 wellness ways to make the most of being stranded at home by Sandy

Consult our Well+Good hurricane wellness guide and use your time hunkered down to get healthy—instead of go stir crazy.

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Thankfully Hurricane Sandy has left the city. But many New Yorkers are still without power, are dealing with lost and damaged property, or are working to clear debris and get the city up and running again. Our thoughts are with them all today.

For those who are stuck at home waiting for streets and subway systems to be drained, we’ve put together a Well+Good hurricane wellness guide. So you can use your time hunkered down to get healthy—instead of go stir-crazy.

Here are some wellness ways to handle being home-bound post hurricane:

1. Work out. Just because most gyms and fitness studios are closed (or you can’t get there), doesn’t mean you can’t push your couch against the wall and get your heart rate up. You pulse and tuck with Sadie Lincoln by tuning into Mybarre3 (free for 15 days with code 15mybarre3). Dirty Yoga and Gaiam TV are both great sources for online classes. Or follow these simple routines to work your abs, strengthen triceps, and stretch tight muscles.

2. Meditate. You never have enough time to meditate; now you do. Figure out which style is best for you and then give it a shot. And if you can’t focus, there’s also value in just. doing. nothing.

3. Organize. Happier at Home author Gretchen Rubin has great tips on how to turn your home into a den of happiness. Follow her advice to clean out clutter and more.

4. Go on a beauty blitz. Use your time at home to finally open that exfoliating mask you’ve been meaning to try or give yourself an at-home mani with a 5-free nail polish. And hey, just because retail stores are closed doesn’t mean you can’t shop online for hot workout leggings, designer sneakers, or a yoga-mat-toting backpack.

5. Cook up a storm. Pun intended. You probably cleared the shelves at the supermarket stocking up, so it’s time to use all of those ingredients. Browse our archive of the healthiest recipes from Food 52 or download the 50 Shades of Kale cookbook for inspiration.

What are you doing to take care of yourself or others today? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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