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Photo: Stocksy/Leah Flores

Packing a lunch might include a side dish of childish connotations—Mom sending you out the door with a Lisa Frank lunch box in hand, etc.—but for adults in the know, bringing a homemade meal to work is a real sign of maturity. It’s possible to forgo the $12 chopped salads from the nearby café without compromising its tasty appeal or health benefits—and maybe you’re trying to save that money for a down payment anyway (or at least those cute leggings you’ve been eyeing).

Meal-prepping exists for a reason, people! And with the right accessories, your prep sesh can go even smoother. Whether you’re a already a pro or are finally making good on your New Year’s resolutions, these are great tools for staying motivated and efficient as you cook up some desk lunches that’ll make all your co-workers jealous.

Ready to upgrade your meal-prep operation? Here’s everything you need.

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