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Photo: Stocksy/Stephen Morris

Technically, the only tools you really need in order to enjoy an avocado are a knife to cut it open and a fork with which to gobble it up. But, considering that so many of us hold proverbial higher-education degrees in the fruit, there are several excellent reasons to have a tricked-out avocado kit (like for an avocado shake, avocado toast, and avocado pizza).

The internet is a treasure trove of avocado-specific gadgets; it seems that there’s a tool for every type of avo-obsessive out there, which really just means meal-prepping could be a whole lot easier (and more fun).

Next time you’re in the mood for homemade guacamole, you’re going to be glad you have a molcajete on hand so you can achieve that perfect texture—and you’ll be extra glad you have a no-oxidation guac storage container for when there are leftovers. If there are leftovers, that is.

Stock up on these 7 avocado gizmos, and you’ll be ready the next time a craving strikes.
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For the best way to ripen your avocado, try putting it in a sock. And before you throw the pit away, read about why it might be the healthiest part of the fruit.