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Calling a cocktail healthy is like calling ice cream healthy—it’s only meant in a relative sense. Sure, red wines are better for you than rosé, but that doesn’t exactly mean your merlot is a wellness drink.

Still, there are plenty of healthy hacks to improve the nutritional content of your social sips. Straight from the mouths of our Well+Good Council members, here’s what dietitians, supermodels, nutritionists, and healthy chefs order, serve, and drink when consuming libations. There are some pretty standard trends—stay away from the sugar (both for health and hangovers) and load up on the lime, ginger, and soda water, natch.

Keep scrolling to see the signature cocktails for 7 wellness pros on the Well+Good Council.

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Photo: Stocksy/Jill Chen

Elle Macpherson: Mock mojito

The supermodel-slash-wellness entrepreneur’s fave cocktail is actually a mocktail: “If I’m going out, I love a virgin cocktail—I’m quite partial to a mock mojito—fresh lime, slices of ginger, soda, lots of ice, and a little mint on top.” Though she adds, “If I’m throwing the party myself, I choose a great champagne to start or a vodka-based cocktail.”

Photo: Stocksy/Marti Sans

McKel Hill: Tequila with sparkling water and lime

While the registered dietitian and Nutrition Stripped founder wouldn’t call alcohol “healthy,” she does occasionally imbibe. Her fave thing to order: “Tequila, sparkling water, fresh lime juice.”

Photo: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka

Claire Wasserman: Dirty martini

The founder of Ladies Get Paid might be a career expert, but she’s got plenty of solid advice when it comes to drink orders, too. She’s got a couple go-to options. She says, “There are only two cocktails I’ll drink: a dirty martini, straight up, and tequila on the rocks.”

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

Candice Kumai: Spicy margarita

The healthy rockstar chef is a fan of spicy over sweet—and her signature cocktail order is a spicy margarita (jalapeño or ginger). Though, if she’s frequenting Marc Forgione’s in New York City, she’ll order a Banana Jameson on the rocks.

Photo: Stocksy/Jeff Wasserman

Kimberly Snyder: Vodka with cranberry

“I had some big party days in my past, but now cocktail times are very few and far between!” the celeb nutritionist says. These days, she sticks to vodka cranberries and is also on the kombucha bandwagon. Her favorite flavor? Ginger.

Photo: Stocksy/Leander Nardin

Sophia Gushee: Tequila with mineral water, lime, and mint

The healthy home guru likes to mix it up with her cocktail order. Her go-to drink? A “tequila with slices of lime, sprigs of mint, and mineral water.”


Lila Darville: Mezcal margarita

And when this sex expert and relationship coach orders a drink, she makes it a mezcal margarita.

If you’re prone to hangovers, try this natural remedy or this organic patch intended to help cure them ASAP

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