Everyone eats in the nude at this new restaurant

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It’s one thing to prefer natural food, but would you show up to a restaurant au naturel to eat it? It’s happening. (Hey, working out nude is already a thing.) Located in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood, The Bunyadi, (bunyadi is Hindi for “natural”) is an “all-natural” restaurant, shunning everything from modern cooking appliances to preservatives, and yes, clothes. And according to The Guardian, the wait-list has almost 35,000 people.

Customers exchange their clothes for robes at the door, but when their table is called, dining in the buff is highly encouraged. Gimmicky, yes? But the restaurant’s founder told the newspaper they do it because it is in line with the restaurant’s overall mission of being “free from all the trappings of modern life.” The food is cooked with fire (if it isn’t being served raw), the furniture is hand-carved, and technology is not permitted. (So luckily no one will be able to sneak an unwelcome pic.) That probably explains why their Instagram presence is a little lackluster.

The menu is being kept under wraps, but lists vegan and non-vegan options with no additives, and it’s all-organic—including the wine. Of course, it begs the question: Are people preparing the food in the nude? While they might not be wearing much, you can rest assured that the most private areas are clothed, and health regulations still apply. So at least that’s, er, covered.

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