The Barre Code’s explosive, six-minute HIIT workout you can do anywhere

plyometric exercises “Explosive” isn’t just a term used by movie critics. It’s a word you could be using to describe your new super-efficient workout routine.

Studies have shown that high-intensity workouts that include plyometric exercises help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time, run faster, and improve athletic abilities, like agility.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the growing Chicago-based boutique fitness brand The Barre Code (which is expanding to cities like Denver and Miami this fall) packs explosive moves into many of its classes, like HIIT and TBC.

In case a studio hasn’t opened near you (yet), founders Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz created this six-move HIIT sequence that uses full-body, explosive movements for a cardio-intensive workout you can do anywhere, no equipment needed.

Bookmark it now for holiday season travel, when workout time can be crazy hard to come by. —Lisa Elaine Held

How to do it
Each move should be repeated for 30 seconds each and the entire sequence should be repeated twice (build up to four rounds, which would change the total time to 12 minutes).

plyometric exercises Hit the Deck
Placing your feet under your hips, hinge at the waist and sink your seat toward the floor. With your hands in guard, run in place, pedaling rapidly through your feet. Do this for four counts and then drop your full body to the ground, pushing up through your hands and jumping back into starting position, repeat. Modify by jumping back to plank.

plyometric exercises Plank Jacks
Start in plank position with your hands under your shoulders, feet together, and legs zipped up. Jump feet out to a wide V, then jump back into starting position, repeat. Modify by walking feet out and walking feet in.

plyometric exercises Fire Drill
Start in squat position with your feet under your shoulders. Sit back into a squat, keeping your back flat and chest lifted. Jump up and land with feet together, legs zipped up and reach arms to ceiling. Jump legs out, landing with softly bent knees and sink back into squat position, repeat. Modify by walking instead of jumping.

plyometric exercises Ready, Set Kicks
Starting with your feet under your hips and hands in guard, push kick forward with your right leg, step your feet together, step your left leg back to a long lunge, tapping your left fingers on the ground. Stand, stepping your feet together and alternate sides, repeat. Modify by walking instead of jumping.

plyometric exercises Side-Body Stabilizer
Start with your feet together under your hips. Step out to the right, sinking back into a side lunge, hands in prayer (keep your back flat and chest lifted). Press off your right leg, balancing on your left leg, and extend through your arms while simultaneously lifting your right leg to be parallel with the floor. Lower your leg and step back into a side lunge, repeat twice through and then switch sides. Modify by alternating side lunges with no leg lift.

plyometric exercises Hop-Scotch
Start in squat position with your feet under your shoulders, hands in prayer. Sinking back into your squat and pushing through your heels, hop up to one leg, kicking seat with opposite foot. Push arms toward the floor and return to squat position, hands in prayer. Repeat movement, alternating kicks. Modify by removing the hop.

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(Photos: Barre Code)

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