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8 awesome moments from our #DoYouMove boomerang challenge in NYC

Photos: Well+Good



On August 30, Well+Good readers (and energetic passersby) high-kicked, flipped, and leapt (like, Dirty Dancing-style leapt) in the middle of a bustling New York City block during rush hour… and we captured all the magic in a Boomerang photo booth.

We teamed up with GapFit for an IRL block party to show off your moves. As part of our #DoYouMove Instagram challenge (which is all about celebrating movements that make you feel ah-mazing), fitness fans busted out their most dynamic poses in front of the Boomerang cam, while suited commuters, curious tourists, and even dogs (yup!) got in on the action.

Adding to the scene, acro-yoga artist Sylvie Curci showed up to wow the crowd with a body-bending performance. It was all enough to inspire some outside-of-the-box turns in the Boomerang booth…

Scroll down to see eight cool moments from the #DoYouMove bash, set in the middle of NYC’s Flatiron Square.

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You guys broke out some serious dancer skills.



Onlookers snapped shots of Curci performing her daredevil tricks on the pavement.



Giant leaps were a favorite of the day—but we particularly love this leap-frog one.



Even commuters decided to stop… and jump.



Groups of friends showed off their synchronized-kicking skills.



Even when you’re on the way to the studio, there’s always time to Boomerang, right?



This one deserves a closeup.

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