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nutritionstripped-green-smoothieIt was a  totally delicious week on Instagram…filled with lots and lots of green. Starting with this cashew-lime-spinach beauty (pictured), it was enough to fill up our grocery cart with blender-ready goods.

See this who’s behind this recipe and more with a look at the five best green smoothies on Instagram this week. And if you’re looking for us on Instagram, we’re at —Molly Gallagher

(Photo: Instagram/MyNewRoots)


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thisrawsomeveganlife-green-smoothieGreen Breakfast Smoothie
Emily von Euw, @ThisRawsomeVeganLife

Von Euw whipped up this green blend, filled with banana, spinach, water, dates, spirulina, and almond butter, after a P90x sweat session—and it’s going to go on our running list of post-workout smoothies, too.

(Photo: Instagram/ThisRawsomeVeganLife)


mynewroots—green—smoothieGinger Mint Pear Smoothie
Sarah Britton, @MyNewRoots

This green smoothie looks more like art than breakfast. “Whether you’re detoxing or just in need of some green, it’s seriously yummy,” writes Britton, who also added a hit of nutrition-boosting spirulina.

(Photo: Instagram/MyNewRoots)


deliciouslyella-green-smoothieMid-Morning Green Smoothie
Ella Woodward, @DeliciouslyElla

Woodward’s pretty green smoothie has a base of coconut water mixed with coconut yogurt, almond butter, banana, lots of spinach, and bee pollen. The cute paper straw also adds to its sipping appeal.

(Photo: Instagram/DeliciouslyElla)


miketheironyou-green-smoothieGreen Detox Smoothie
Mike, @MikeTheIronYou

The triathlete, yogi, and food blogger behind the site, The Iron You, created this detox smoothie with blueberries, spinach, frozen banana, and chia seeds. He gets extra styling points from us for the mason jar mug presentation.

(Photo: Instagram/MikeTheIronYou)


nutritionstripped-green-smoothieCashew Lime Green Smoothie
McKel Hill, @NutritionStripped

Hill describes this mix—filled with spinach, mango, coconut milk, cashews, ginger, and more—as the “tropics mixed with a punch of energy from all the nutrient-dense ingredients.” Green sunshine in a glass.

(Photo: Instagram/NutritionStripped)


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