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Get in an intense workout *anywhere* using this completely collapsable Pilates reformer


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8 holiday gifts for fitness-lovers

starwater-yoga-holiday-gift-yoga-matStarwater Yoga Mat, $108

Patterned yoga mats are totally on the rise—and Starwater Yoga makes really cool, colorful designs that your yogi-loving mom or sister will be super psyched to show off.

(Photo: Starwater Yoga)


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the terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distancesThe Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances, $11

Whether it’s your best friend who doesn’t understand why you run 15 miles every other Saturday—or your best friend who’s running her tenth marathon this spring—this new book by Matthew Inman, AKA The Oatmeal, is filled with comics and stories about running, including one cartoonist’s reasons for jogging across mountains until his toenails fall off.



onzie-jewel-legging-giftOnzie Graphic Legging, $76

Shine bright: Onzie, the Los Angeles-based fitness fashion brand (for the record, it’s pronounced “Own-Zee”), is having a moment. The prints are super rad and original—like the above jewel-inspired design—and the styles are great for sweating in, whether it’s yoga or spin.

(Photo: Onzie)


UpMove_JawboneUp Move by Jawbone, $50

Help a fitness-fiend in your life join the fitness tracker craze. Jawbone’s latest activity tracker follows your steps, calories, and how much you sleep, and is super reasonably priced. It also offers a little more flexibility than other trackers with how you can wear it—it can be clipped on to your sports bra or pant pocket—and comes in a bunch of colors.

(Photo: Jawbone)



dagne-dover-tote-gifts-fitness-holiday-giftDagne Dover Tote, $265

This bag is a boutique fitness lover’s dream (and the answer to my toting wishes). It has a water bottle compartment inside (which could double as a juice holder?), a laptop pouch (for a 15″ computer), and still has room for sneakers. It totally solves that I’m-carrying-three-bags-with-me-again feeling. Oh, and, it’s totally chic, too.

(Photos: Dagne Dover)


new-balance-glowNew Balance Glow 980, $110

This limited-edition pair from New Balance is a sturdier sneaker made for running—and really cool zebra stripes glow in the dark, making nighttime winter workouts a lot safer (and cuter).



outdoor-voices-gift-set-holidayOutdoor Voices Holiday Essentials Kit, $300

The active brand knighted by J.Crew that makes cool clothes for sweating in—but not too much—is behind this awesome gift set. It’s filled with Outdoor Voices’s popular casual-yet-edgy leggings, a hoodie, and sweats, and it comes with a tote, Evian spray, and Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer for post barre-class clean up.

(Photo: Outdoor Voices) 


Alexander Wang Jump RopeAlexander Wang Jump Rope$135

Fashion designer Alexander Wang is known for his sport-inspired collections, but he also creates props for your actual sport or workout.

Gift this swish leather fitness number to someone who you know loves a killer at-home jump rope workout or just really pretty gym accessories.



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