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Yes, Sadie Lincoln scored the genetic jackpot in the personal beauty department. And the Barre3 creator’s skin benefits from a childhood that was pretty Cap’n Crunch-free, as she was raised eating organic, vegetarian meals.

But Lincoln works on her glow through daily (twice daily, thrice daily!) workouts that she takes or teaches in her home city of Portland, Oregon. And she really doesn’t have an elaborate beauty ritual or a thing for the latest natural beauty must-have. (However, we think she must have a great hair stylist. Loving those layers.)

“I’m pretty simple when it comes to beauty products!” she warned when we approached her about this article. And her Beauty Obsessions prove the statement true—her most elaborate item is a timeless natural moisturizer, and nothing costs more than $40. Here are Lincoln’s five not-a-bit fussy beauty basics:

dr hauschka moisturizing day cream1. Dr. Hauschka Daily Moisturizing Cream ($39.95) This is, hands down, my favorite moisturizer. I use it every day and night. It is the perfect weight for the day and instantly brightens my skin and gives it a healthy glow. Before bed I use it again and even rub it into my hands. I love the light scent.

2. Epsom Salts ($12) While this isn’t the most glamorous natural beauty product out there, it is a staple for me. Nothing beats a hot Epsom salt bath to melt away tension and sore muscles. As we head into the colder weather, I always stock up so I have plenty on hand for baths to warm up all season long.

3. Coconut Oil ($16.50) To give my hair an extra conditioning boost, I rub coconut oil into the ends and then wrap it in a bun for a few hours before showering.29 Wine Blot Age Protecting Lip Serum It keeps my hair really shiny and healthy.

4. 29 Wine Blot Age Protecting Lip Treatment ($24) My girlfriend who shares my love for red wine gave me this lip balm and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s made with grape seed extracts by Lydia Mondavi. (Yes, the Mondavi.) It has SPF 20 and antioxidants that help protect my lips and restore moisture.

5. ViV Hair Ties ($12–$20) I always have a bunch of these hair ties on me. They double as cute bracelets. I stack them on my wrist. They are the perfect weight for a ponytail—and have a classic, soft-metal charm on them. One of my instructors here in Portland, Oregon, Viva Mertlich created them. She saw a need after observing all of us with rubber bands on our wrists—and took the idea next level. I think they’re brilliant! Viv wear

Beauty Bonus! Green Tea ($10)
My secret weapon for wrinkles is green tea. Since switching over to green tea from my coffee habit I have noticed significant changes in my skin. Green tea hydrates and refreshes. There are many types of green teas out there. My favorite is a simple sencha green tea. The key is to only steep for about 30 seconds so it doesn’t get bitter. —Melisse Gelula

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