10 fitness moves you’ve never done before: The Movement meets Circuit of Change

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The Well+Good Fitness Biathlon is an annual mega event, where we pair up fitness studios for back-to-back workout experiences that seriously rock. To get you warmed up for this year’s events—in New York City on October 17 and in Chicago and Boston on November 7—we tapped eight superstar trainers to team up and create mash-up workouts that mix their sweaty disciplines. Think dance cardio meets HIIT, and boxing meets sports conditioning. Do them to get psyched for the big events, or to be a part of the action no matter where you live.

For this crazy-original, defies-categorization workout, we paired two unique fitness stars.

Brian Delmonico is the founder of Circuit of Change, New York’s only mind-body workout that combines elements of yoga, martial arts, and plyometrics, and Katherine Greiner is the creator of The Movement’s dance cardio-toning method, MOVE and her own method, KGBody.

Together, they created an exciting at-home sweat session that will keep you on your toes, as you transition from Gorilla Walks to Robot Steps (see ya later, boring old lunges!).

The Workout: Circuit of Change meets The Movement’s MOVE

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: Mat
How to: Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then repeat for a total of four rounds.

brian_7 Gorilla Walk with Leg Press
Start at the back of your mat in a low squat with knees wide, and fingertips down in front of you. Place your right foot in front. Press into your fingers, lift your hips and feet, and take two gorilla walks up the side of your mat. Travel all the way up and back. Then pop your left foot in front and repeat on the other side. Get to the back of your mat, walk your hands out, keep your knees bent and all the weight on your legs. Gently start to pop your feet up and down, 5 times. Repeat.

katherine_1 Robot Step with Jumping Jacks
Standing on the left leg with arms out to side and bent at 90 degree angles, step the right foot front-and-back, front-and-back 4 times. Then follow the move with 4 jumping jacks. Repeat the same thing on the left side (stand on right leg, and step the left foot front-and-back).

brian_4 360 Crab with High Low Planks
Begin on hands and knees. Tuck toes and lift your knees off the mat, slowly turn to the opposite direction into a crab position and back to the start position for a full “360.” Repeat in the other direction. Find a plank and lower to your forearms, press back up to your palms and lower again to forearms. Press up to palms and repeat.

katherine_2 Kick Side
Jump in the air and as you come down, slice the hands down to the right as you flick the right foot to the side while landing on the left foot. Repeat the same action 4 times alternating right side and left side.  Then stomp the right foot forward as the hands push forward a la “stopping traffic”—do this 4 times alternating right foot stomp and left foot stomp.

katherine_4 Hydrant
Come into table-top position on the floor on hands and knees. (Align wrists under shoulders and knees under hips.) Keeping the right leg in the bent position, lift up the knee to the side to almost hip height (a la a dog doing its business at a hydrant). Lower to starting position and repeat.

brian_2_v2 Jab, Cross, Left Knee Combo
Stand with feet as wide as your mat, right foot in front and hands protecting your face. Jab with the right arm, jab with your left arm, then pull in the left knee. Switch sides.

Katherine bridge Bridge with Leg Lift
Lie on back, with head on floor and arms at sides.  Place one foot on the floor with knee bent and extend the other leg up in the air so that it is off the ground and perpendicular to the floor. Press down into the foot on the floor and squeeze the buttocks of that leg to lift hips off the floor. Hold here as you lower and then lift back up the straight leg that was in the air. Return to start and repeat.

brian_1 Shuffle Side Squats
With right foot in front, lower to a wide squat (left fingertips touch the ground). Lift up quickly, shuffle left foot forward than right foot forward, and lower into a wide squat with left foot in front (right fingertips touch the ground).

katherine_5 Leg V and Cross
Lie on back in ab crunch position (with head off the floor and hands behind for support, elbows wide). Cross right leg over left knee to start. Separate the legs as the right leg extends out to the side on a diagonal, and the left knee opens slightly to counter balance. Return to start and repeat.

brian_3 Check, Kick, Elbow Combo
Start in fighting stance with right foot in front. Fire off the following combination…. right check (bring the right knee high towards your chest), right kick, left elbow. Right check, right kick, left elbow. Repeat 10 times on the right, then 10 times on the left.

For more information, visit circuitofchange.com and themovementfitness.com, and check out the details for the 2015 Fitness Biathlon, here

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