The Gilmore Girls have adopted a major wellness trend into their lives

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We rely on the Gilmore Girls for a lot of things: rapid-fire conversation, quippy comebacks, and even dating advice. (Though we all know Lorelai’s and Rory’s choices can be just. so. awful.) Health and wellness habits, though? Not so much.

With their late-night, extreme (we’re talking Chinese food, pizza, and donuts, all in one meal) binge-eating sessions and their serious lack of fitness activity—plus a coffee habit that seems to average 10 cups a day—the Gilmores aren’t exactly wellness poster girls. (To be fair, when the show ended in 2007, kale was the least popular of the greens and the term juicing was reserved for stories about pro athletes behaving badly.)

But, by the looks of the most recent trailer for the show’s Netflix reboot, there’s one wellness trend that the show is fully embracing: Marie Kondo-ing.

Due to the death of Edward Herrmann, who played the patriarch of the Gilmore clan, the new four-part series is set to include a funeral for his character—and a new chapter for Emily Gilmore, Lorelai’s mom and Rory’s grandmother.

In the trailer—even though it’s just a snippet—you can see Emily tackling the change head-on (in jeans, gasp!), explaining the method: “I’m decluttering my life. If it brings you joy, you keep it and if it doesn’t, out it goes.”

Although we can only see her proclaim a dress as “no joy,” there are also several men in the background moving out furniture and packing other household items into boxes. While it’s certainly not a fix to sadness or grief, the award-winning method has been known to help in the healing process. (You go, Emily.)

We’re still a month out from the Gilmore Girls’ official revival, but here’s hoping that the fast-talking family has incorporated some other healthy habits into their routine. Turmeric lattes may be a bridge too far for the Stars Hollow crew, but may we suggest a mind-calming meditation session?

Check out the full trailer below and use the inspiration to Marie Kondo your space before the show airs.

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